Adam Lambert on Oprah - do I dare?

I have a big question for you, my flist. I live in suburban Chicago and Oprah is having a call out to fill her audience for an upcoming show with Adam Lambert. You have to gush about why you love him so much. I do love his music but I was never a die-hard Idol fan. Should I make something up and try to get on? It would be quite a thrill to be there in the audience.

What would you do?

Thanks for my snowflakes

I honestly thought that since I only have a free account, that I couldn't receive virtual gifts. I was so wrong!!

Thank you bkrave and kinnetikart for my snowflakes. I'm in the middle of a real snowstorm now, We're supposed to get 6-8 inches. Happy winter!

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 I'm doing this for Rory (Foreverfolked).  I am well over 18 and love to read m/m fictions.  I maintain this LJ site to be able to  indulge my passion of reading the many wonderful authors out there.  I'm not quite a lurker because I do comment pretty often, but I do no writing of my own.  That's it.  Rory, I hope this helps you and anyone else who needs to know that I am legit.